How To Choose And Buy Your Acoustic Guitar?

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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Choosing the instrument you play is always an important decision. If you are buying your first guitar, the decision is more difficult because you may not know where to start or what to look for. So, before you do anything read these friendly words of advice.
First let dispel the popular, but completely wrong belief that "any guitar will do for learning to play". Your first guitar should be carefully chosen to be fairly easy to play and tune. It should also be versatile enough for you to be able to play different kinds of music on it. For this reason and to avoid the complications and expense of an amplifier and acoustic guitar is recommended. A classical guitar with nylon strings or a Roundhole Steel-Strung Guitar is particularly good for a first guitar.
If you already have a guitar and want to know if it is suitable for learning to play, check it out as explained in these pages. An old guitar will need checking very carefully indeed. An old guitar will need checking very carefully indeed. Acoustic Guitar string is very important thing as well. Old instruments can be very good - or very bad. the old guitar which has been around the house for years may well have so many things wrong it loud be almost impossible to play, and not worth repairing. If this is the case, or if the guitar is not the right type for the music you want to play. You should look for another instrument/ if your guitar seems satisfactory, ask a guitar-playing friend, or your music shop to check it out before trying to play it yourself.
NYLON OR STEEL? Choose the type of guitar which best suits the music you want to play and the sound you want. Do not buy a nylon-strung instrument simply because the strings seem easier on the fingers. If you think you may want to play in a group or band at some time, you will probably do best to choose steel guitar strings, and buy a Roundhole Steel Strung Guitar. If your leaning is toward "Classical" or Flamenco music, the choice must be for nylon strings. Guitars of both types are suitable for accompanying singing. If this is the only thing you want to do, choose the guitar with the sound you prefer.
Go window shopping: before you decide on anything go window shopping to see what available is and get an idea of prices. The best places to look are specialist guitar shops or music stores with a good selection of guitars at different prices. Try to find stores where one of the sales staff plays the guitar, so you can be given some experts' advice and assistance. Look for guitar and music stores in the "Yellow Pages" of the telephone directory or in music papers and magazines.
Price: Your first guitar need to be expensive, but it should not be the cheapest on the market. Very cheap guitar are normally poor value and will not satisfy you for long. For a little more money you can buy far better guitars which are suitable for learning and for quite advanced playing.
Secondhand Guitars: It can be an excellent buy - if you find a good one. However, unless you are an expert, it is unwise to buy a guitar from anyone but a reputable musical instrument dealer. You may find bargains advertised in newspapers, or know someone with a guitar to sell at what appears to be good price, but these could turn out badly unless you know a lot about guitars. If you are considering a secondhand guitar, take great care to check that everything is right with it and if possible get the opinion of an experienced guitarist.
Size and weight:
Avoid heavy acoustic guitars. As a general rule the more wood there is in an acoustic guitar the poorer its volume and tone are likely to be. Compare the weight of several guitars of the same type and size before you decide. The lightest guitar will usually be the best.
Colorful coated copper alloy wound acoustic guitar strings (6-piece pack) can be very beneficial for your acoustic guitar. It can reduce the weight of guitar on your neck.

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